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Month: June 2018

How to hit long drives

For an amateur, my golf game is pretty good, and people ask for advice on golf all the time. One of the most common requests for advice is related to hitting long drives. What techniques do you need, are drivers important, and etc. I’m glad to help everyone, but repeating the same can get kind of boring, so i decided to write and publish this “hitting long drives” tutorial on my blog, so it’s readily available to be seen by anyone, even strangers.

 First of all, in order to hit long drives, you need power. Everyone has some amount of power, and usually average amount is good enough for amateur golfers. The real challenge to hitting long drives is the technique and knowing how to hit your ball properly. When it comes to making good shots, there are many moving parts, but most important ones are – your swing, equipment, stance. Your stance has direct influence on quality of your swing, so it goes without saying that it’s crucial to perfect your stance as much as you can.  Strength of your arms can also help, but for amateurs, they’re not necessary. Pros, on the other hand, spend a lot of time working out to maximize benefits of their fitness. But it’s trickier than that. You can’t simply assume that more strength equals to more power. Hitting ball solidly is way more important than raw strenght of your arms. So at the end of the day, it all comes down to technique. One thing i must note about equipment is that proper fitting is way more important than price. Affordable golf club that fits your arm length is going to be much better than multi-thousand dollar club that is too long or short for your height. Picking your golf balls carefully is also very important. Making wrong choice when buying golf balls can dramatically affect your end results. Same goes for women and picking golf clubs.  I got my wife Kalea club set, and she’s loving them so far. Granted, it’s expensive, but according to this taylormade kalea review, it’s worth every penny.

 These are the factors that you have control over. There are also lots of them that you can’t control, and realizing that will go a long way, too. Everyone has mishits once in a while, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

 But at the end of the day, if you want to hit long drives, the most efficient approach is to have your golf clubs professionally fitted, and try to pick golf balls that have just perfect level of spin. Keep trying out different golf balls, they don’t cost that much anyway. And once you find the one, try to stick with it, even if it costs more than average balls. Change in your results will be significant, and like with any other product, you shouldn’t hesitate to pay premium for top notch quality.

How to prepare for upcoming golf season

Some people play golf throughout the year, but for most of us, golf season starts and ends in summer. That means that most of us still have one whole month to prepare for new season. Preparation includes getting new golf clubs to improve our game, practicing our swing and stance, and pretty much everything related to equipment and techniques. This applies to both genders – women and men. And i don’t know about choosing clubs for men, but this this tutorial can really help you with picking the right clubs for women. Some people even go as far as doing exercises specifically aimed at improving their golf performance, but most casual golfers don’t, so we’re not going to focus on that kind of preparation.

  Most golfers usually stop going to the course in mid-autumn. There are also minor groups who don’t go as much as in summer, but still make time for it, and those who keep playing golf at the same pace. For me, new season starts around the end of May, when weather gets warmer here in Illinois. But that might be different for southern states, as weather is good enough from early spring to autumn.  

 So before new season starts, i think it’s good idea on reflect on past season and pick out the areas that need some improvement and practice. Try looking at your game critically yourself, but if that turns out to be difficult (and it always is), ask your golf partners if they can remember anything wrong with your game, so you can fix it. I personally try to focus on my swing and attitude, because those two are my sore spots. Trying to improve your swing is common among every golfer, but controlling your mental state – not so much. I would say that anger and anxiety have the most negative impact on my golf game, so i try to work on them as much as i can.

 A great way to detect your problems is to rate specific skills on a numeric scale, usually it’s 1-10. This will simplify the process of finding everything wrong with your game and correcting them. Once you start practicing, slowly improve your ratings when you develop new skills. Be honest and strict, but only to an extent. Remember that you don’t need to practice every skill to perfection. Even some of the best golfers have some flaws in their game, so it’s only natural that in some areas, the best you can do is 8 or 9. So don’t bring yourself down because of that.  

 My last advice would be to check out some gadgets to measure your performance. Mind is tricky, and sometimes perceives information as it suits its interests. So you might be thinking that your game is better than it actually is. Tech gadgets on the other hand, will give you cold hard truths about your range and other stats. So next time you’re in store or on golf course, definitely check those out or borrow it to try it for a while. It might prove helpful to your game.

How to handle competition on the golf course

Playing against golfer who’s better than you can be depressing, especially if you’re competitive. Some people are so competitive that they obsess over their rival, and can’t manage to play as well as they would normally. They lose focus and eventually the challenge as well. Having clear mind is one of the most important recipes for playing good round. Losing makes these same golfers even more anxious, and it’s basically a vicious cycle that they can’t escape. I’ve been this once or twice, and it’s not a good look, so i wanted to share my tips for how to not get too emotionally attached to winning golf challenge. Or, if you can’t do that, i’ll also include tips on how to win.

 First and foremost, learn your opponents. What are their strengths and weaknesses. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many golfers overlook and don’t use obvious advantages they have over the competition. Don’t underestimate people, there is always some lesson to be learned from every loss and win. It’s good measure to have at least watched your opponent play before you play against him or her. That gives you opportunity to quickly figure out an angle you can use to win. Knowing your opponent can also be liberating, because you’ll realise they are imperfect humans just like you and have just as much flaws. Having properly fitted, game-improvement clubs won’t hurt your chances, either. Irons are most important by long shot, and if you plan on getting good clubs, this guide will be useful to you. 

 That brings us to negative thinking. Before you actually meet the person, try to not speculate on how strong they are, or anything like that. The fear of losing can be crippling, and will decrease your chances of actually winning. Even if your competition is considerably better than you, that shouldn’t prevent you from doing your best and giving up the rest to luck. Even the best golfers have lost to much weaker opponents, things like that happen all the time. Whenever you’re playing against someone better, it’s good practice to have winner’s mindset. Being confident makes you a better player, in a way.

 Before the match, try to look inward and detect all flaws and shortcomings your golf game might have. Practice on improving those, and making sure that you’re in the best physical shape you can be for ensuing match. Even if you lose, you end up with valuable experience that will help you succeed later on.

 And last, but not least, accept the fact that you might lose, and it will not be end of the world. Losing is part of any game, and learning to accept it gracefully will make you much better opponent.

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