Some people play golf throughout the year, but for most of us, golf season starts and ends in summer. That means that most of us still have one whole month to prepare for new season. Preparation includes getting new golf clubs to improve our game, practicing our swing and stance, and pretty much everything related to equipment and techniques. This applies to both genders – women and men. And i don’t know about choosing clubs for men, but this this tutorial can really help you with picking the right clubs for women. Some people even go as far as doing exercises specifically aimed at improving their golf performance, but most casual golfers don’t, so we’re not going to focus on that kind of preparation.

  Most golfers usually stop going to the course in mid-autumn. There are also minor groups who don’t go as much as in summer, but still make time for it, and those who keep playing golf at the same pace. For me, new season starts around the end of May, when weather gets warmer here in Illinois. But that might be different for southern states, as weather is good enough from early spring to autumn.  

 So before new season starts, i think it’s good idea on reflect on past season and pick out the areas that need some improvement and practice. Try looking at your game critically yourself, but if that turns out to be difficult (and it always is), ask your golf partners if they can remember anything wrong with your game, so you can fix it. I personally try to focus on my swing and attitude, because those two are my sore spots. Trying to improve your swing is common among every golfer, but controlling your mental state – not so much. I would say that anger and anxiety have the most negative impact on my golf game, so i try to work on them as much as i can.

 A great way to detect your problems is to rate specific skills on a numeric scale, usually it’s 1-10. This will simplify the process of finding everything wrong with your game and correcting them. Once you start practicing, slowly improve your ratings when you develop new skills. Be honest and strict, but only to an extent. Remember that you don’t need to practice every skill to perfection. Even some of the best golfers have some flaws in their game, so it’s only natural that in some areas, the best you can do is 8 or 9. So don’t bring yourself down because of that.  

 My last advice would be to check out some gadgets to measure your performance. Mind is tricky, and sometimes perceives information as it suits its interests. So you might be thinking that your game is better than it actually is. Tech gadgets on the other hand, will give you cold hard truths about your range and other stats. So next time you’re in store or on golf course, definitely check those out or borrow it to try it for a while. It might prove helpful to your game.